Saturday, April 3, 2010

Maundy Thursday - April 1 , 2010

That evening after coming from office, I went a little early by 7pm to the church. It was so silent as though filled with a spirit welcoming people into its fold. Soon, the pastor arrived - in a hurry - to set things up. Helped her with setting the table, candles etc. Barbara arrived and soon we set the chairs around the table in a circle. Very close members of the church soon arrived and I went near the entrance to welcome all. By 7.30 pm, by an act of love and grace, the pastor invited me to join the ceremony though I was a Hindu by faith. That moment, I realised how God's act of love can happen and I was invited in the circle !!

We started with reading from the scriptures and singing prayer song with Eric on the piano. After a round of prayers came the most solemn moment - the enactment of the last supper.

We washed each other hands, broke bread, immersed in the juice of fruit, shared in love and harmony. Then we took the blessing of christ and meditated. All the paraments, symbols and candles were removed and there lay the cross draped in black in the centre of the table!

We departed silently in the loving hope to meet again to celebrate with joy, the resurrection of Christ :-)

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