Saturday, March 27, 2010

A magnificent weekend: 20/21Mar2010 - My first Western Music Concert & a church prayer visit

Last Saturday on 20-March-2010 at 8pm evening, I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to Western Music concert held in a Church. It was a different feeling as I've just listen to English music from the net but never listened to a live one.

Here we had a real variety - Opera-type singing of the 'Twelve poems of Emily Dickinson' conducted by the renown Pianist Eric Kramer. After a break we had a Sonata 1 violin play of J.Brahms by Katie Kresek with Eric Kramer in the piano. A true treat to the ears and an evening well spent.

The next day, I went to the same church, First Presbyterian Church, Ossining NY and attended the morning prayer. A Hindu by faith, I could still understand and integrate into the prayer as it was so soulful and as universal as it can be. God is the same - called by different names and prayer goes to the same God who loves all creation. Met some nice people. The church pastor, Rev. Lynda S. Clemens is a magnificent lady who shared her personal life incidents to teach valuable lessons.

இந்த வாரம் உண்மையிலேயே ரொம்ப இனிமையாகத்தான் இருந்தது.  :-)

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